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We are stocked in lots of supermarkets and smaller independents around the UK. You can find specific stockists on our individual product pages.

Our BEAR snacks and cereal can be enjoyed by cubs from 12 months+. We normally recommend our BEAR yoyos for cubs aged 2-9 years old. For those peckish younger cubs (12 months +), we have our pure fruit Paws range. However, we would recommend that grrrown up bears supervise young cubs whilst they are consuming all of our products.

Our yoyos, paws, claws and alphabites cardboard boxes are all fully recyclable - we use only FSC ( certified or recycled board for all our outercases. They are also compostable - low migration (water based) ink is printed on the boxes which means that the packaging is safe to compost as no nasties (grrr!) will seep into the ground from the ink. (This is all of course dependant on your local recycling schemes, so we would advise checking your local facilities first, just to be sure.)

Our biggest hurdle is that our packaging is the only form of preservation for our 100% natural snacks. The current BEAR wrappers may be recyclable at some specialist recycling points, but probably not in your home recycling scheme.

We care a lot about protecting our natural environment and are always looking for ways to improve our packaging and business overall in this area. We’re not perfect, but we’re doing the best we can. Here are some of the things we are doing right now:

  • Our packaging is the minimum thickness it can be that still ensures our products remain as fresh and tasty as they can be. We use a paper/polypropylene material that can be recycled where the local collection and sorting exists, keep an eye out as there are more and more of these available. 
  • We always ship all our products and never ever fly them to minimise our carbon footprint. 
  • Last year we reduced the size of our Yoyos single packs by 7.5mm (yet keeping the weight of our Yoyos the same), saving roughly 1.5T of material per year!
  • We don’t like to see any of our products go to waste and therefore avoid writing off product at all costs. We donate all product we are unable to sell (for reasons such as seasonal packaging) to charity, or auction on alternative platforms. 
  • We are investigating double stacking our pallets in order to fill the trailer space, again reducing road miles.  

Yes, as our fruit snacks are just fruit & veg, absolutely nothing else, they are suitable for vegans.

Yes, as our fruit snacks are just fruit & veg, absolutely nothing else, they are gluten-free.

Yes, our fruit snacks are certified Kosher. Here at BEAR we want as many people to enjoy our products as possible which is why we worked really hard to get KLBD certified.

Here at BEAR we aim to produce fruit snacks that all cubs and grrrown ups can enjoy. Our fruit snacks are just fruit and veg, absolutely nothing else, and therefore contain no nuts whatsoever. They are packed in a sealed ‘BEAR pod’ at our packing plant – there is a ‘tree nut and peanut room’ here but this is kept completely separate. People do not cross from one area to the other without changing from head to toe, giving their hands a good scrub and going through a separate entrance. This means that there’s no risk of nut cross-contamination in our products.

Our BEAR Alphabites cereal is made from just 6 simple ingredients and there are no lactose-containing ingredients in the recipe. However, the kitchen that makes them does handle lactose-containing ingredients and may use these ingredients to make another recipe before, after or at the same time as our Alphabites. This therefore means there is a risk of cross-contamination (e.g. air borne or contact) and a chance that traces of lactose could be found on our product. 

BEAR Alphabites are entirely nut and egg free. Our production area has nothing with any nut or egg traces in its chain and we also have special line swabbing carried out throughout the stages of production.

Our ingredients are really simple, exactly what you see printed on our packaging is what's inside (it's not our style to hide anything, or be sneaky).

We set up BEAR to make simpler, tastier foods from grrreat ingredients and with no added nonsense, so you can rest assured that there are absolutely no GMOs in any BEAR products.

It took BEAR years to find the perfect recipe for Alphabites because we were determined to avoid using some of the nasties commonly found in kids’ cereal, and wanted to find an ingredient to naturally sweeten our cereal that had nutritional value.

Our belief is that food needs to taste good and provide goodness at the same time. That’s why we picked coconut blossom nectar - because it contains almost twice the calcium found in milk and more than twice the potassium found in bananas. It is also barely processed, hand-collected in pots from the tiny blossoms of the coconut flower twice a day by our small team of farmers and then gently heated to bake off the water content. This simple, minimal processing allows all the natural goodness from the coconut flowers to remain and means we get the same nourishment as if we were drinking it straight from the blossom. Just like a bee.

Spirulina is a bluey-green freshwater plant –  it loves the sunlight and soaks up lots of the sun’s energy, helping it to become one of the world’s most nutritious foods in the world. It’s filled with protein, vitamins and minerals & the amount that we used in our Apple Yoyos is so tiny that you can’t even taste it.

Our black carrot extract is completely natural, taken from black carrots. We add it in very small amounts to our Strawberry and Raspberry Yoyos. The anthocyanins (pigments) found in black carrots give them their dark colour, and therefore add some colour to our Yoyos – they also provide beneficial antioxidants as well as many other health benefits.

We run a new BEAR yoyos card campaign every year that runs from January to December. For 2019 you can join BEAR and the museum mice on a Curious Quest to gather the world’s most weird and wonderful things for his Grrrand Exhibition of Curiosities. From Perplexing Plants and Animals to Ancient World Wonders, there are 80 exhibit cards for you and your cubs to collect and learn from. You can find a Curious Quest card in each BEAR Yoyos packet now.

You can also find BEAR’s Outdoor Alphabet cards in boxes of BEAR Paws. There are 3 cards in each box and 26 in total to collect.

You can help BEAR and the museum mice on their quest by collecting all 80 exhibit cards and tracking your progress with your FREE collectors’ kit. Yes- finally a folder to keep all of your Curious Quest cards in!

To receive your kit, please send 10 tickets from the back of single BEAR yoyos packets, along with a note including your name and return cave address to: BEAR’s Curious Cave, PO Box 73589, London, SE1P 5FP. If you can't get to a post box, send us a photo of your excited cub holding the 10 tickets to our email address

For more information please visit:

Our busy postbears are beavering away to send Collectors’ Kits as quickly as their little paws will allow! They usually manage to deliver kits within 3 weeks of receiving your tickets, so paws crossed your kit will arrive to your cave shortly.

If you’ve been waiting longer than 3 weeks to receive your reward, please give us a growl as your tickets or reward may have got lost in the post somewhere along the way (grrr!).

Our current card collections will continue until the end of the year, so there is still time to find your card in packs if you’re trying to complete your set!

If you’re looking for a card from a current or previous collection, a grrrown up can check our Facebook page where many fans and collectors often swap cards.

You can also email us at - the only cards we have at The Big Cave are those leftover from our own BEAR Yoyos and Paws munching so we may not have what you’re looking for, but we’re more than happy to have a forage in case we can help.

Send a photo of your completed card collection (there are 80 Curious Quest cards to collect this year) to and we might pop some goodies in the post to say congrrratulations.