Introducing our partner Laura!

When I first worked as a paediatric dietitian, I was in my early twenties. I quickly realised that there was a whole lot more to child nutrition than what the books tell you. The parents I saw put their children at the heart of everything they did and making informed choices for their health and well-being was important to them.  

As my experience has developed in many areas of nutrition and I too have become a mother, my passion for practical, relatable and accessible nutrition information has grown. Nutrition is always open for debate – as we all consume food, we’re allowed an opinion and as nutritional science tends not to be black and white, it’s the interpretation of what the evidence tells us that creates the controversy. 

It's great to be collaborating with BEAR, I respect their transparency as a brand and their mission to make healthy choices simpler for parents and tasty for children.  

BEAR’s Nourishing News is a place where I’m able to provide parents with an insight into the science behind nutrition and how this translates into your shopping baskets through onto the kitchen table.  I’m looking to provide clarity on often confusing topics and have designed the information to be bite sized, simple and accurate to enable you to easily access information on childhood nutrition. 

With two, can I say slightly demanding children who also know their own minds when it comes to food, I also hope to offer a dose of realism! There are no hidden cameras at my kitchen table and for this I am very grateful.  I would like to provide reassurance that there’s no such thing as nutritional perfection, that if we’re seeking information, we are already doing our best and that small tweaks alongside the right conversations can make a big difference, not just for our children but for the well-being of the family as a whole. 

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and find them both informative and reassuring as we navigate the world of child nutrition and feeding our loved ones together.